Welcome to ​Auzi, where ​we're redefining ​the world of ​hearing aids.

Say hello to a new era of style, sound, and sophistication

Luxury Meets ​Functionality

At Auzi, we believe that hearing aids ​should amplify both your hearing and your ​style.

Our cutting-edge jewellery designs ​seamlessly integrate with your sense of ​fashion, empowering you to express ​yourself whilst staying connected to the ​world around you.

Fashion Meets ​Functionality

Our high-end hearing aid ​covers are the perfect way to ​compliment your sense of ​style, whilst staying connected ​to the world around you.

Only the Finest ​Materials

A Style That’s All ​Your Own

Our fine designs will give you ​the very look you’ve been ​waiting for. Step into a new era ​of fashion-enabled hearing ​with bold, statement pieces.

Our jewellery covers are made ​with only the finest quality ​metals and craftsmanship. We ​are with you for the long-term.

Our journey began with a simple but powerful question:

Why can’t hearing aids be as elegant and fashionable as any piece ​of jewellery?

Meet Dec McLaughlin: The Personal Journey

Dec has worn hearing aids for his entire life and this has led him to the realisation that ​hearing is lagging far behind the world of glasses. Stigma remains for millions of hearing aid ​users worldwide.

His curiosity has led him to co-founding Auzi in late 2023 with a vision to transform the world ​of hearing aids. He believes that no-one should be ashamed of hearing loss, rather to embrace ​it as a part of what makes us unique.

Meet Daniela Groza: The Artistic Lens

Daniela Groza is a jewellery designer and GIA certified Gemologist. Her talent and creative flair ​have been celebrated in esteemed publications like Forbes, Elle, and Vanity Fair. Daniela's work ​transcends traditional jewellery design, reflecting a deep understanding of art and fashion.

Daniela's exceptional skills in jewellery design provided the artistic touch Auzi needed. She saw the ​potential to fuse her expertise in aesthetics with Dec's vision for stylish hearing aids, and their ​collaboration became the foundation of Auzi's innovative approach.

The future of Auzi

Beyond the cover, our vision is to craft a hearing aid ​entirely from scratch. This will include everything from ​the electronics to its certification as a medical device. The ​result will be a high-quality wearable that has luxury at its ​core.

Powered by AI, it will automatically adapt to your ​environment, reducing discomfort in noisy venues like ​concerts. Imagine an intuitive app, granting you ​complete control over your listening experience and ​connecting you to a close knit community of fellow ​wearers.

Sketch of Ear


Join the Auzi Revolution:

It's time to elevate your hearing and style. Join the Auzi revolution ​and experience the future of fashionable hearing aids. Say yes to ​impeccable sound, unmatched comfort, and a style that's all your ​own.

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